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We are pleased to announce that registration for the first-ever Virtual Anatomical Society Meeting is FREE OF CHARGE to all delegates and abstract submission is open until 5pm Friday 4th December 2020.  Please see our conference FAQs for more information. The aims of Anatomical Society conferences are to promote high quality research in the anatomical sciences and anatomy education. One of the greatest strengths of the Anatomical Society is our diversity, which is exemplified by our membership and by the range of topics and speakers at our meetings.  For the first-ever Virtual Anatomical Society conference, our theme of 'Vision and Visualisation' includes symposia on 'Retinal Development and Repair' and 'Digital Visualisation in Anatomy Education' with contributions from national and international speakers. We also welcome abstracts for oral presentations, flash talks and posters on any topic in anatomical science and anatomy education. 


Day One: Wednesday 6th January 2021 (GMT)

Session 1: Auditorium Live Webinar Chair: Iain Keenan @dr_keenan


Conference Welcome

Visualisation Symposium: Oral Presentations

Gabrielle FINN (University of Manchester, UK) @gabs_finn

Visualising What Lies Beneath: The Role of Art in Anatomy Curricula


Caroline EROLIN (University of Dundee, UK) @CarolineErolin

Interactive 3D Digital Models for Anatomy and Medical Education

Sponsor Oral Presentation

Johan CARLEGRIM (Sectra Medical Education)

Trends in Medical Education: Where Are We Heading?

Break (Exhibit Hall)

Posters and Exhibitors

Session 2: Auditorium Live Webinar Chair: Joanna Matthan @DocMatthan

Visualisation Symposium: Oral Presentations

Iain Keenan (Newcastle University, UK) @dr_keenan

Brave New World: Adapting 3D Visualisation for Post-pandemic Curricula

Young Investigators: Anatomy Education Oral Presentations

Abdullah BEN AWADH (Newcastle University, UK) @a_benawadh

Supporting Medical Student Learning Through Integration of Remote Digital Embryology Resources


Tilly Gibson-Watt (University of Edinburgh, UK) @Dr_JZP

Can 3D Scanning Be Used to Produce a Virtual Skeleton for Teaching Online?


Ayaa Ali (Northumbria University, UK) @AyahGamil

Effectiveness and Usability of an Anatomy E-learning Module Created Using Articulate Storyline 360

Sponsor Oral Presentation

Marta Braida (Anatomage) @Anatomage

Anatomage Table: Interactive Anatomy and Physiology Learning Through Virtual Dissection

Break (Exhibit Hall)

Posters and Exhibitors

Session 3: Auditorium Live Webinar Chair: Gavin Clowry

Journal Of Anatomy Best Paper Prize: Oral Presentation

Petra KRAUS (Clarkson University, Potsdam, NY, USA)

Potential Biomarkers and Phenotyping of Heterogeneous Bovine Intervertebral Disc Cells

Selected Abstracts: Oral Presentations

Eloy GALVEZ-LOPEZ (University of York, UK)

Mandible Shape Variation in Minks: Separating Two Highly Similar Species


Aishwarya Jayakumaran RAJESWARI (Christian Medical College, Vellore, India)

Anatomical Considerations of Median Nerve Entrapment in the Proximal Forearm


Thomas O’MAHONEY (Anglia Ruskin University, UK) @bones2bytes

Endostructural Growth of the Human Humerus


Ekrem SOLMAZ (Selcuk University, Turkey) @EkremSolmazMD

Relationship Between Hand and Superficial Palmar Arch Morphometric Development

Break (Exhibit Hall)

Posters and Exhibitors

Session 4: Auditorium Live Webinar Chair: Evelyne Sernagor @Esernagor1

Young Investigators: Oral Presentations

Fiona CRONIN (University of Limerick, Ireland) @FionaCronin2

Investigating the Role of the Mesentery in the Innervation of the Gut and Enteric Nervous System


Evangelos PAPASTERGIOS (University College London, UK)

The Role of Cell-Extracellular Matrix Adhesions in Mouse Neural Tube Closure


Suveer SACHDEVA (King’s College London, UK)

The Role of Wnt Signalling in Maintaining Homeostasis of Murine Anterior Ocular Tissue

Retinal Development Symposium: Oral Presentations

Robert HINDGES (King’s College London, UK) @RobertHindges

Structural and Functional Development of Amacrine Cells Underlying Orientation Selectivity


Jeremy KAY (Duke University, USA)

Glial Cell-Cell Interactions that Assemble the Mouse Retina


Rachel WONG (University of Washington, Seattle, USA)

Assembly and Disassembly of Retinal Foveal Circuits

Break (Exhibit Hall)

Posters and Exhibitors

Session 5: Auditorium

Flash Talks: Anatomy Education: Live Webinar Chair: Iain Keenan @Dr_Keenan

Christopher RAMNANAN (University of Ottawa, Canada) @chrisramnanan

Converting Cadaveric-based Exams to Virtual Image-based Assessments During Covid-19


Vivien SHAW (Bangor University, UK)

The Virtual Dissection Room: Live-streamed Demonstrations to Complement Recorded Lectures


Ellen NELSON-ROWE (Cardiff University, UK) @ellennelsonrowe

Collaborating During Covid-19: Developing Online Near-peer Resources


Leonard SHAPIRO (University of Cape Town, South Africa) @leonard_shapiro

Body Painting with Palpation: Observation Exercise for Improved Spatial Awareness


Eva SWEENEY (Queen’s University Belfast, UK) @evamariesweeney

The Use of Google Jamboard, a Free Online Application, For Virtual Anatomy Practical Sessions


Charlotte WRAY (University of Cambridge, UK)

Increasing Student Awareness of Human Anatomical Variations in a Dissection-based Course

Break (Exhibit Hall)

Posters and Exhibitors

Flash Talks: Anatomical Science: Live Webinar Chair: James Nott @Drjamespnott

Leyna BOUCHERIT (INSERM, Paris, France)

3D Visualisation of Human Photoreceptor Anatomy Using Expansion Microscopy


Deidre CLISSMAN (University College Dublin, Ireland)

Shedding Light on Glaucoma: A New Model of the Optic Nerve Head


Anna VERSCHUEREN (INSERM, Paris, France)

The Ageing Eye: 3D Immunohistochemistry Analysis of Retinal and Choroidal Anatomy


Andrew LUNN (Bangor University, UK) @AndrewLunn16

Vertebral Artery Supply to the Brain and Relationship with Intelligence Across Taxonomic Classes


Annie NORTHFIELD (Bangor University, UK)

The Palaeolithic Field Guide: Assessing Morphological Accuracy of Animals in Cave Paintings


Thomas THEIL (University of Edinburgh, UK)

Joubert Gene INPP5E Acts as Negative Regulator of Sonic Hedgehog in Human Brain Organoids


Thomas FRANCHI (University of Sheffield, UK)

The Morphological Features and Surgical Importance of the Tensor Vastus Intermedius


Gareth DOBSON (Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK) @gmdobson

The Occipital Venous Sinus: Considerations for Posterior Fossa Surgery, a Radiological Study

Day Two: Thursday 7th January 2021 (GMT)

Session 6: Auditorium Live Webinar Chair: Evelyne Sernagor @Esernagor1

Aging Cell Best Paper Prize: Oral Presentation

Daniel SIMPSON (University of Edinburgh, UK) @DanielJSimpson4

Partial Reprogramming Induces a Steady Decline in Epigenetic Age Before Loss of Somatic Identity

Retinal Repair Symposium: Oral Presentations

Majlinda LAKO (Newcastle University, UK) @linda_lako

Making Retinal Organoids: A Voyage of Discovery!

Break (Exhibit Hall)

Posters and Exhibitors

Session 7: Auditorium Live Webinar Chair: Evelyne Sernagor @Esernagor1

Retinal Repair Symposium: Oral Presentations

Enrica STRETTOI (CNR, Pisa, Italy)

Pathogenic Role of Inflammation in Retinitis Pigmentosa: Studies on Mouse Models


Silvia BISTI (Italian Institute of Technology, Italy)

Saffron and Retinal Neuroprotection

Sponsor Presentation

Athanasios RAIKOS and Panagiota KORDALI (3D ORGANON) @DrRaikos @Giotakordali

How to Deliver Anatomy Sessions with VR Technologies: Common Use Case Scenarios

Break (Exhibit Hall)

Posters and Exhibitors

Anatomical Society Annual General Meeting

Agm: See Email Correspondence For Joining Information (Members Only)

Session 8: Auditorium Live Webinar Chair: Abigail Tucker

Selected Abstracts: Oral Presentations

Katherine HUGHES (University of Cambridge, UK) @katevetpath

The Ovine Mammary Gland as a Non-traditional Model of Terminal Duct Lobar Development


Sarah Louise JEFFERY (Queen’s University Belfast, UK) @Sarah_Jeffery0

Multi-Vessel Renal Transplantation


Louis LUKE (University of Cambridge, UK)

Mapping the Location, Dimensions and Morphology of the Thyroid Isthmus: 3-Year Cadaveric Study


J. RACHEL (Christian Medical College, Vellore, India)

Recruitment of CD1a Positive Langerhans Cells in Polypoid Nasal Mucosa


Andrea STREIT (King’s College London) @acestreit

Protecting Auditory Neurons and Hair Cells from Stress-Induced Degeneration


John GURGUIS (Northumbria Foundation Trust, Newcastle upon Tyne)

Safety of Neurovascular Bundles when using the Shannon Burr for Calcaneal Osteotomies

Sponsor Oral Presentation

David HUGHES and Lorna WILSON (Primal Pictures)

Reflecting on 2020: How Primal Pictures has Supported the Switch to Remote Learning

Break (Exhibit Hall)

Posters and Exhibitors

Session 9: Auditorium Recorded Webinar Chair: Iain Keenan @Dr_Keenan

Visualisation Symposium: Oral Presentations

Paul REA (University of Glasgow, UK) @medicalvis

From Scalpel to Mouse…. And Beyond


Live Q&A with the speaker


Flora GRÖNING (University of Aberdeen, UK) @Flora_Groening

3D Photogrammetry of Human Specimens: Useful Resource for Teaching and Public Engagement


Live Q&A with the speaker

Session 10: Auditorium Live Webinar Chair: Iain Keenan @Dr_Keenan

Visualisation Symposium: Oral Presentations

Alireza JALALI (University of Ottawa, Canada) @arjalali

Disruptive Technologies in Anatomy Education: Will They Replace Cadaveric Labs?

Break (Exhibit Hall)

Posters and Exhibitors

Session 11: Auditorium Live Webinar Host: Jeremy Mortimer @J_W_Mortimer

Conference Event


Day Three: Friday 8th January 2021 (GMT)

Session 12: Auditorium Live Webinar Chair: Jeremy Mortimer @J_W_Mortimer

Dr Sophie Miller Memorial Prize Lecture: Oral Presentation

Kevin BYRNES (University of Limerick, Ireland)

The Mesentery: A New Model of Abdominal Compartmentalisation?

Young Investigators: Oral Presentations

Cian O’CONNOR (RCSI Dublin, Ireland) @OptimisticBio

Development of Anatomically Inspired 3D Human iPSC Spinal Cord Scaffold System


Juliette HUGHES (University of Liverpool, UK)

Anatomical Examination of an Alkaptonuria Cadaver


Nicholas DALMON (Brighton and Sussex Medical School, UK) @An040my

Breaking Boundaries: Live Streaming in Anatomy

Sponsor Oral Presentation

Ors ADAM (4D Interactive Anatomy) @4danatomy

Dissect Real Human Specimens Without a Lab

Break (Exhibit Hall)

Posters and Exhibitors

Session 13: Auditorium Live Webinar Chair: Meenakshi Swamy

Young Investigators: Oral Presentations

Fiona FARQUHARSON (University of Aberdeen, UK)

Developing Clinical Anatomy E-learning for Medical Students and Evaluating Effectiveness


Samuel STEVENSON (University Hospital Southampton, UK)

Can Synchronous Online Near-peer Teaching Offer the Same Benefits as it can Face-to Face?


Joseph TAYLOR and Thomas STUBLEY (University of Birmingham, UK)

Can the Position of the Masseteric Artery be used to Reliably Locate the Masseteric Nerve?


Harry MARLAND (National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland)

The Meso-Oesophagus: A Microscopical Study

Break (Exhibit Hall)

Posters and Exhibitors

Session 14: Auditorium Live Webinar Chair: Gavin Clowry

Thomas Willis (1621-1675) 400th Anniversary Lecture: Recorded Presentation

Zoltan MOLNAR (University of Oxford, UK) @ZoltanMolnar64


Live Q&A with the speaker

Young Investigators: Oral Presentation

Catherine HENNESSY (Brighton and Sussex Medical School) @CathHennessy

Analysis of Changes in Social Media Use by Doctors: Implications for Professionalism and Training

Selected Abstracts: Oral Presentations

Sarah ALLSOP (University of Bristol, UK) @sarah_a_bristol

Anatomy Inspired Creative Pieces Based on Clinical Practice Experiences


Hope GANGATA (University of Exeter, UK)

Proposed Anatomy Syllabus for Entry-level Band-5 Physiotherapists: A Modified Delphi Model


Johan Kandam Kulathu MATHEW (Christian Medical College, Vellore, India)

Size of Langerhans Cells: A Predictor of Clinical Profile and Outcome in Buccal Cancer


Femina SAM (Christian Medical College, Vellore, India)

Additional Head of Quadriceps Femoris in South Indian Population

Break (Exhibit Hall)

Posters and Exhibitors

Session 15: Auditorium Live Webinar Chair: Evelyne SERNAGOR @Esernagor1

Selected Abstracts

Marie DARCHE (INSERM, Paris, France)

Unravelling 3D Vascular Eye Anatomy through Clearing and Light-Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy


Gerrit HILGEN (Newcastle University, UK) @Gerrit__H

A Novel Approach for the Functional Classification of Mouse Retinal Ganglion Cells


Simon PARSON (University of Aberdeen, UK) @NEAnatomist

Altered Retinal Vasculature is Biomarker of Disease in Spinal Muscular Atrophy


Victoria WILSON (Queens University Belfast, UK)

A Comprehensive Review of Infrahyoid Flap


Alan BOYDE (Queen Mary University of London, UK) @DTL

What Happens when Maxillary Second and Third Molar Tooth Germs Collide During Development?

Awarded Of Prizes And Closing Remarks

Adam TAYLOR Anatomical Society Honorary Secretary @Adatomy


Iain KEENAN Anatomical Society Local Conference Organiser @dr_keenan

Presentations: Exhibit Hall

Anatomical Drawing Exhibition (Booth)

Leonard SHAPIRO (University of Cape Town, South Africa) @leonardshapiro

Drawing to Understand: A Virtual Exhibition of Drawings

Poster Presentations (Booth)

Poster Presentations: Anatomical Science And Anatomy Education

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